Gladiolus and Bird


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Nina Gorbach — Artist and Therapist

I am intrigued by the story behind every face. Drawing people, my passion since childhood, filled hours of happiness flying by with the simple tools of pencil and paper. To this day I love getting lost in the rhythm of a line, the character of a shape, the complexity of a form as light and shadow dance upon it. Searching the underbelly of an image, I invite the essence of all things to emerge, every face and figure holding a mystery waiting to be discovered. Learning to see is a revelation I relish; communicating that is a joy. My art and counseling enhance each other. Exploring and sharing vulnerable moments of being human reveals itself on canvas, in conversation, or in silent commune with another.

From the gritty city of my hometown, Chicago, its fantastic architecture and blues, to the grandeur of nature and travels that satisfied my longing to stretch sinew and soul, I have enjoyed a rich panorama of experience. Listening and dancing to diverse genres of music and languages, playing piano and flute, immersing myself in the wonder of poetry have all informed my growth as an artist and counselor. Northern California, where I now live, offers endless possibilities in dynamic learning.

The essential thread running through my life is love of family, friends, children, work as an artist, teacher and therapist, and the priceless meetings with strangers that transform and uplift. All this gives me courage to create and encourage others to find their hearts' longing. People, connection, beauty through all our trials and triumphs resound.

“Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others
without getting a few drops on yourself..”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson